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My tour of Greece was wonderful.  Now it’s time to get ready for my next semester.  Obviously when it comes to school I’m always looking for ways to save a few dollars.  Not so I can fund my retirement, it’s just to pay for my next trip!  Hopefully most college students are already doing this, but just in case you never thought of it:  rent your text books instead of buying them.  Grab a chegg coupon and save more.  It’s shocking how much you can cut off your expenses when you rent textbooks from Chegg rather than buying new…or even used books.

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Europe is full of jaw-dropping attractions including historic ruins, majestic castles, and beautiful rolling hillsides.  One of the most difficult features of planning a trip to Europe is deciding where to go and what to save for your next trip.  There is literally so much to see and do that it can be incredibly challenging to plan a meaningful vacation.  Reserving Europe vacation packages is a great way to enjoy the best that Europe has to offer without the hassle.  You can take a short-lived tour and visit several of Europe’s major attractions, helping you decide which areas you’d like to visit on your next trip.


Due to the complete number of things to do in Europe, you will also find it very time consuming to plan a trip there on your own.  Reserving Europe vacation packages can save you time because they provide you with a set itinerary.  You don’t have to worry about deciding on which hotels to stay in, which sites to visit, and what transportation to take. Another benefit of choosing for a vacation package is the fact that you won’t have to worry about making the right choices.  It takes time and reading lots of reviews in order to find good hotels, restaurants, etc.  By booking a package tour, you can be sure that you will be staying in reputable hotels.  Another issue of planning a vacation on your own is that you may accidentally book hotels that are located in inconvenient or dangerous areas.  This problem can be avoided if you book a package through a travel agency. Whether you want to get to know one European city very well and visit all of its major attractions or you want to go on a multi-city tour, there are a variety of Europe vacation packages available to meet your needs.  Some packages may provide a rental car, allowing you to venture out on your own while others may provide transportation by means of train.  No matter what you see in your Europe vacation being like, you can make sure that your visit to this fascinating continent is a truly unforgettable.

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The web is both a blessing and curse for those of us bitten by the travel bug.  Sure, you’ll save a ton by using one those huge travel sites – Expedia (coupon code), Orbitz,, Travelocity, or Priceline.  The problem comes from thinking you should check all of them before booking!  So here’s my tip:  a vacation is a break from the stress and work of the real world.  Keep it simple right from the start.  Choose 2-3 travel sites at most and grab the best deal.  Sure you might miss out on saving $25, but you’ll also save some time for yourself to relax and imagine all the great things you are about to see.

Now, I said keep it simple – but you still gotta keep some cash in your pockets.  All of the links above will take you to a great coupon site that can knock extra money off the expenses.  Now during your flight you can rest assured, your paying less than those suckers sitting next to you!

PostHeaderIcon Experience and Take Pleasure in Roaming at Rome

A visit to Rome can be a very exhilarating adventure; if this is your first visit, you may feel a bit besieged with all there; you want to shove into your vacation time. There are lots of wonderful attractions and sights to see all over Rome, and if you try to go it by yourself, you will miss many of the attractions just because you do not know the city. If you travel with a tour company, you may find that merely sitting on a bus viewing the sights is not what you envisioned. The best way to take in as much of Rome as you probably can is with a private tour guide. An official private tour guide will be able to help you generate your own itinerary so you will be able to visit lots of the sights of Rome as well as embrace the culture and atmosphere. With the help of an official guide, you’ll be able to visit all the major highlights while embracing all the history, and ambience through a guide that is fervent of their home. Choosing your official guide to see Rome for the first time is very significant, as you do not want a guide that was hired only for the tourist term, as they will not be able to give you the personal touch as a factual resident of Rome.

Your first time visit to Rome can be a remembrance of a lifetime if you do not try to take in all that Rome has to offer in a short amount of time. The idea is to see as much you possibly can while taking on the culture and atmosphere that makes Rome the eternal city. An official private tour guide of Rome will be your best bet when it comes to introducing to you ancient Rome and providing you with the culture and atmosphere that is a part of the day by day lives. A guide that has familiarity of the area, and has a passion for Rome will be the best to truthfully help you with the best tour.

PostHeaderIcon Looking for the best place to experience tranquility and serenity; Come and Visit Barcelona

This Mediterranean place is one of the most stopover locations in Europe in the past decade. Barcelona offers its visitors a soothing and passive location, a day chock-full of adventures to offer, or a part of both to make your tedious afternoons vivacious.

The people here thrive on the swiftness of life the city provides. From sun rise to sunset, Spain’s second city is all go, which sits entirely with the majority of visiting tourists. On the other hand, there is a small minority that has to come to Barcelona with the intentions other than having fun. For these fellows there are bounties of areas that will provide the ideal quiet living.

Nearly all of the neighborhoods within the abrupt area of the city centre proffer a piece of quiet living. They’re idyllic choices for anyone coming to the city because the streets are quiet during the day and even tamer at night. The rationale for this is that most visitors to the city prefer the city centre itself. This is by far the most strident area of the city, so if you are looking for some serenity it is best avoided.

The hotels and apartments that you will find in this area are just as restful. You won’t have to tolerate any midnight disturbances with partiers returning home in the early hours of the morning. You can rest assured that a fine night’s sleep lies ahead, and knowing you aren’t going to be bothered. You may also unearth that the general standard of the apartments is somewhat better in areas such as Passeig de Garcia, El Born and Eixample. This is because they are looking to outfit for the professional type looking for stillness and serenity.

Barcelona is not typically known as a place one visits to get away from it all. Serenity and silence is something that you can find pretty easily in there, if you really crave to. If it is business rather than enjoyment that brings you there, you won’t be disenchanted and even time depleted working in Barcelona can begin to feel like a feast.

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People with interest in travelling are genuine wanderers. They feel affection for travelling to the most excusive tourist places of the world. There are quite a lot of places with extra allure and desirability for all kinds of tourists. Cities like Rome attract tourists from all over the world by edifying diversity and scattered attractiveness all around the city. The combination of very old history and stylish style provides numerous scenic sightseeing opportunities. So many places to go, so modest time! There are many options to find sightseeing tours in New York City that can help you make the most out of your trip to the Big Apple. In Paris, contains everything from fabulous entertainment opportunities to cultural assortment and stunning scenic locations. In order to have unforgettable and magnificent tour it is always important to plan the tour in advance. It is only through appropriate planning that will help in wasting time and one can see the utmost place while touring. Otherwise it will lead to bewilderment and pointless tension. For tours are meant for plummeting tension and enjoying the days. After spending lots of money and time if the tour is not worth then it is enormous loss. In order to make sure to have perfect sightseeing where one can enjoy and know the place more closely fundamental tips should be ensured. Tour without suitable sightseeing is of no use. Hotel where one resides should have good quality. Location and eminence of your hotel is one of the most important aspects.

You can enjoy your sightseeing tours if the places you want to go are worth spending time for. Sightseeing is meant for comforting. So without any hassle one should visit the place with proper peace of mind. You can enjoy your sightseeing tours if it is well planned and budgeted. It is not necessary to have an expensive tour, what matter is that you learned from your experiences and the places are worth for your time and you had a wonderful moment looking for them.

Enjoy your sightseeing tours then with no hassle at all.


PostHeaderIcon Best Tips in Travelling Rome


If you wish to travel in Rome then one of the most freaking questions that are playing on your mind would probably be the place on where to stay and at the same time save money. If you so have this type of question on your mind then the best option that you could have is taking a stay on the outskirts of Rome.

To be specific, the Flavor of Italy Country Inn is specifically located in its countryside and is just 20 minutes away from the city proper. You can get in this place through riding a train right from the Piazza del Popolo.

If you wish to save money during dining times then you can get into the local restaurants of Rome. You can savor sumptuous delicacies and at the same time save money as the foods in the local restaurants of Rome are very affordable.

You can also rest at the bungalows in Rome which is specifically located in the Flaminio Village.

Rome has:

  • Hostels
  • B and B’s
  • Budget Hotels
  • Lodging houses in the monasteries
  • Shared rooms and baths
  • Private double rooms

If you really wish to save money while travelling in Rome, then you need to get rid on eating at those tourist spots or areas and on those expensive restaurants

There are several and various good foods like pizza and sandwich which are available in slices. This only means that you can save money while enjoying delicious foods.

Certain stores in Rome also have affordable drinks like:

  • Bottled mineral water
  • Fruit juices
  • Picnic items

These drinks are very much affordable than those that are available in Food Carts and or Bars.

However, if you really wish to walk on further on the center city of Rome then you can seek for inexpensive restaurants such as the Antica Osteria de Giovanni.

Moreover, Rome can be relished even without the need to spend so much money just to acquire comfortable admissions. You can freely pick 1 to 2 monuments and or museums that you really like to visit and then spend several hours in there while wandering and roaming around the place.

You can so much enjoy the place as to with the fact that Rome has several and various tourists and historic spots which you can see and visit for free. If you wish to go into various sites in Rome and or choose to use Public transportations, you need to consider purchasing a combination of discount pass and or ticket.