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If you wish to travel in Rome then one of the most freaking questions that are playing on your mind would probably be the place on where to stay and at the same time save money. If you so have this type of question on your mind then the best option that you could have is taking a stay on the outskirts of Rome.

To be specific, the Flavor of Italy Country Inn is specifically located in its countryside and is just 20 minutes away from the city proper. You can get in this place through riding a train right from the Piazza del Popolo.

If you wish to save money during dining times then you can get into the local restaurants of Rome. You can savor sumptuous delicacies and at the same time save money as the foods in the local restaurants of Rome are very affordable.

You can also rest at the bungalows in Rome which is specifically located in the Flaminio Village.

Rome has:

  • Hostels
  • B and B’s
  • Budget Hotels
  • Lodging houses in the monasteries
  • Shared rooms and baths
  • Private double rooms

If you really wish to save money while travelling in Rome, then you need to get rid on eating at those tourist spots or areas and on those expensive restaurants

There are several and various good foods like pizza and sandwich which are available in slices. This only means that you can save money while enjoying delicious foods.

Certain stores in Rome also have affordable drinks like:

  • Bottled mineral water
  • Fruit juices
  • Picnic items

These drinks are very much affordable than those that are available in Food Carts and or Bars.

However, if you really wish to walk on further on the center city of Rome then you can seek for inexpensive restaurants such as the Antica Osteria de Giovanni.

Moreover, Rome can be relished even without the need to spend so much money just to acquire comfortable admissions. You can freely pick 1 to 2 monuments and or museums that you really like to visit and then spend several hours in there while wandering and roaming around the place.

You can so much enjoy the place as to with the fact that Rome has several and various tourists and historic spots which you can see and visit for free. If you wish to go into various sites in Rome and or choose to use Public transportations, you need to consider purchasing a combination of discount pass and or ticket.

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